Ableton Sampler Shruti Box Patch

Powerful tools for manipulating acoustic instruments…

I was creating a sampler patch for sound bowls and shruti box on a project with Joshua Stoddard. I got side tracked in to experimenting with a YouTube instructional video about the process…

The application I used for screen capture is OBS. I ran a parallel camera shot with my iPad. The video was edited in iMovie.

Session: Room Analysis and Tuning at DTRC Studios

DTRC Studio Room Analysis and Tuning Session


Platform: Pro Tools

Medium: Pink Noise

Analysis Microphone: Bruel & Kjaer 2235

Preamp: Jeff Steiger CAPI VP 26 API Style preamp

Monitor Chain Equalizer: White 4400

Analysis Plugin: Waves PAZ Analyzer



Oct 18, 2018 Michael Tudor’s DTRC Studios


Bruel & Kjaer were quick to send me a PDF of the 2235 manual when I requested it on their web site support portal: This also included calibration info.

2235 placed in the optimum listening position in the room. Volume was set to my preferred listening level so as to be pertinent to my listening habits

White EQs are inserted between the Dangerous Monitor Section and the Focal Studio Mains. Not inserted on feed to Dangerous Monitor because I did not wish to have it color all my listening buses, such as headphones and alt monitoring.


Produced pink noise with Pro Tools signal generator at -18db. Set gain levels for optimum input on the B&K mic, the VP26 preamp and the input to PAZ Analyzer. I set the PAZ low frequency resolution to 10Hz and the Detection to Peak. The goal is to flatten the frequency response in the room. I manipulated the White 4400 Monitor Bus Equalizer to push frequencies that were being eaten up by the room and also pull down frequencies that were overly resonant in the room. On the PAZ Analyzer I utilized the Peak Hold mode and reset it every time I made an adjustment so it would reflect the equalization. I utilized all the frequency weighting curves at my disposal in order to give myself a wider reference. These included “A” (human ear), “B” (A with more lows), “C” (high and low filter), and “Z” (linear). The equalization I arrived at was a balance between the weight curves.


I then listen to a variety of musical programs that I am familiar with so as to make any final tweaks to the White 4400 equalization using the my own subjective taste. I utilized the EQ in and out switches on the 4400 to better understand the direction the tuning was going.

Steinway Upright From OBP of Spring Awakening Gets It’s Own Revival



At the close of the Original Broadway Production of Spring Awakening, Duncan Sheik brought home a personal memento of the show. He saved this 1909 Steinway Upright piano from the auction block. Since then, the piano has shown up on various records and demos produced at Sheik’s Sneaky Recording Studios in Garrison, New York. Says tech Frank Vetere, “A piano like this takes some TLC”. Well it seems the Deaf West Spring Awakening on Broadway is not the only current revival!

Musical Inventor Ed Potokar Interview on BBC


Ed with Savannah Guthrie on Today
Ed with Savannah Guthrie on Today

Hear BBC segment on Georga Tech Margeret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition which highlights 2015’s winner of Most Unusual Instrument, Inventor Ed Potokar and his Magnetic Percussion Tower. Find Ed’s interview in the program at 49:15. Ed has had a profound influence on the records made at Michael Tudor’s studio, Mama’s Place Prod. First, with Ed’s Potofone line of ribbon microphones, there is a classic sound with modern design. They are unrivaled on guitar amps and drums. Second, with a one of a kind piece of musical art, a commission of a plate reverb, the PotoPlate is the magic glue that analog legends are made of. It is deserving of it’s own blog post and slide show. Some day to come…

Cat Plays Prime Time 93

Tech John Valesio gets voodoo kitty brain power to repair Lexicon Prime Time Model 93

The Prime Time 93 needs TLC from time to time. Now and then you power up and it sounds as if a mini electrical storm is going on inside. Usually all that is required is to re-seat all pc boards and connectors and make sure chips firm in their sockets (that is more than I can say for myself). A little prayer to the Lexicon gods couldn’t hurt… and of course the mandatory voodoo kitty.

Guitar Chiropractor Straightens My Neck

Luthier Rick Mullen‘s Workshop During A Standard Procedure.

Rick Mullen’s luthier workshop in New York’s Hudson Valley

More than just an adjustment, Rick successfully performs a heating a clamping method to cure the warped neck on an Alvarez acoustic 12. Says Rick Mullen, “Sometimes a guitar needs a full neck reset, but sometimes a heating treatment will do the trick.” Rick revived  Duncan Sheik‘s Gibson acoustic 6 with the same procedure. After, Duncan claimed the guitar never played so well. I wonder what other guitar ailments Dr. Rick can remedy? hmmmmm….